Meira Pentermann


Meira Pentermann

Java Developer

After more than twenty-five years assisting entrepreneaurs with accounting and administrative tasks, Meira decided she wanted a new challenge. She enjoyed MIT's online computer programming class, so she decided to investigate coding bootcamps. Her first search for 'Java Bootcamps' led her to Skill Distillery right away. She then investigated many other schools, but eventually applied to Skill Distillery.

"If I was going to spend time and money on a bootcamp, I wanted to get accepted by the most selective one I could, so I researched the possibilties. But I discovered that most of the other bootcamps focused on Ruby on Rails or Javascript, and I really wanted to learn Java. As it turns out, 670 people applied for my Skill Distillery cohort, and only 15 of us were accepted. So, in the end, I believe I did get into the most selective bootcamp. I feel very blessed to have been a student at Skill Distillery. It was fun and challenging, and the program was very comprehensive."

Meira enjoys troubleshooting puzzles both on her own and in a small group setting. She loves the problem-solving and creativite process involved in programming. In the corporate environment, she has proven to be a determined, meticulous, and reliable employee.

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